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Welcome to EBB & GROW

Health & Wellness Coaching
Restorative Wellness Practitioner

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What is Ebb & Grow?

A functional nutrition practice utilizing the power of testing, customized protocols, and coaching to address the root cause of fatigue, gastric issues, hormonal imbalances, and so much more.

Take the reins and grip on to your best life with the help of 1:1 coaching supported by a focus on nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and mindfulness.

Health is all encompassing.

About Me

Julia K. Minogue, RN, BSN


  • Northeastern University, Boston MA BSN, August 2017 • Class Representative

  • Colorado College, Colorado Springs CO BA, May 2014 (Major: Studio Art/Minor: World Religion)

Licensures & Certifications

  • Restorative Wellness Solutions L1 Practitioner - November 2022

  • Transformative Nurse Coach - October 2021

  • Registered Nurse – November 2017

  • Corepower Sculpt YTT - July 2018

  • Reiki I Certified – February 2015

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – July 2015

Holistic health & wellness has been a lifelong passion of mine. Diagnosed with PCOS at age 15, I started delving into the concept of food and movement as medicine. Becoming a health & wellness coach was a meet and greet of all the worlds that already existed in my life (art, yoga and nursing). My career has explored the opposite extremes and the in betweens of the health world from the the yoga studio where healing is found in the stillness and silence of the mind to the bedside of the acutely ill patients hooked up to multiple beeping monitors and IV drips. Working with my lassies via Ebb & Grow coaching has given me the opportunity to mesh my medicines together into one world. If you are done with feeling unwell in your body, want more than just the one-size-fits all health plan, or just want the accountability to be fabulous, reach out to me!

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We will discuss what has brought you to me and how I may help you along your health journey.

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From the Source

Julia has an exceptional way of making honesty feel safe. My goal of working with her was to improve nutrition, lose a few pounds and regulate my hormones (all of which have seemed more complicated in my 30's!) Julia offered protocol variations to allow me to decide how to approach the lifestyle modifications and not guilt trip me. Initially I wanted to try an aggressive approach, but when that flopped, I was presented with adaptive options which allowed me to get really honest with myself and her! I am now a Month into an alcohol free, limited dairy, limited gluten, high protein, increased fiber diet with supplement support and feel much more engaged in my healing process. Julia brings her grounding energy, extensive knowledge and sincere concern to every meeting and for that I will continue to work with her and recommend her for as long as I have hormones

Cara G.

The best part about working with Julia is that she provides realistic options for creating healthy habits. I have realized that creating change is not all or nothing and it is okay to have set backs... I felt that my mental and spiritual well being was just as valued as my physical well being... My sessions with Julia reinforced how the small nuances and tweaks can lead to the biggest changes.

Amanda F.

Working with Julia on a weekly basis for a few months this past autumn was an absolute joy and exactly the gentle push I needed at that moment in my life journey. She has an effortless way of getting people to tap into their vulnerabilities, open up and dives right into doing the work to help her clients start manifesting their best life. Our sessions together was exactly what I needed in my postpartum pandemic parenting journey. We tackled a variety of topics together during our sessions, but she was aware that each one needed to be chipped away at in order to solve the bigger issues such as anxiety and hormone imbalances. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge about health related topics and a myriad of other things, she freely will admit when she doesn’t know about something and will dive in to research about it and learn right along with her client. Her holistic approach to healing and wellness is such a welcome breath of fresh air. She helped me find the tools within myself and identify the ones I needed from the outside world to adjust my sails and I truly started to feel the fog lift after just a few sessions together and months later I’m still feeling the benefits. She has such a joyful, judgement free and calming yet empowering approach. Julia is a gem and having her in your corner not only feels positive in the moment, but truly sets you up for long term success.

Julia is different than any other health coach I've worked with in the past... Being an RN she has an understanding of the human body that gives credibility to her unique approach, and with her PCOS diagnosis, she was able to share a lot of hands on knowledge... Each week she helped me create goals that were achievable but pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Jenn M.

“I felt loved, never judged, encouraged and inspired in my coaching sessions with Julia. Most of all, Julia’s intuition into reading how much (how little, really) that I was prepared to share didn’t impair the quality of the sessions or the motivational value that I derived from them... She helped me to reflect on my mental and physical health. Her coaching led to a 10 pound weight loss and a huge improvement in my mindfulness and positivity. Nurse coaching is Julia’s calling and I was a lucky recipient of her gift.

Diane K.

Working with Julia has been an excellent experience. Julia is so sweet and kind. She motivates you and guides you through the best course of action for your health. During my time with Julia, I have learned so much about my health and how to improve my lifestyle. The three main takeaways from coaching together were the importance of protein, thyroid health, and choosing to be better - making change despite the discomfort. If you want to commit the time and effort to improve your health and become a better version of yourself, I highly recommend coaching with Julia. She will listen to your concerns and challenges and help you through them step by step. Overall, I had an amazing and positive experience working with Julia. If you are ready to take the next step in your life to improve yourself, Julia is the right person to coach with!

Jasmine G.

Chelsea K.

Work with Me

To be Happy is to be Healthy. Period.

Body Positive

Gut Revive

Restore the health of your microbiome

The microbiome is the center and foundation of all health. By using direct order testing (GI-Map, MRT food sensitivity, and more) we are able to assess GI imbalances and address them with diet, supplementation, movement, and lifestyle.​

  • Supplementation

  • Nutrition

  • Lifestyle

  • Fitness

  • Mindfulness

One-to-One Coaching sessions.

Communication between sessions.

Health platform to track progress.

A best friend to make you laugh when the going gets tough and the tough gets going.


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