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Updated: Aug 10, 2021




  1. the addition of an extra element or amount to something.

Vitamins a replacement, simply insurance coverage. None of the pictured above will outweigh a good diet and healthy lifestyle. However, they will have your back on the days where meal prep and routine fall at the wayside.

Ovisitol Inositol (@theralogix) has been shown to

  • Improves ovarian function & menstrual regularity

  • Reduce insulin resistance

  • Reduce triglyceride levels

  • Regulate testosterone levels

It is a natural alternative to metformin (without the side effects)

Got PCOS - this is a must have.

Pre-Natal Multivitamin (@Ritual)

  • All women can benefit from a multivitamin

  • Why pre-natal? Omega-3, Folate and Choline are essentials for Neural Tube development of a fetus.

I like Ritual because the Omega-3 is uniquely formulated into the capsule so I don't have to take it separately.

5-HTP (@natrol)

  • This is my bonus supplement to treat the winter blues

  • Made from the African plant - Griffonia Simplicifolia

  • "Promote a calm and relaxed mood by enabling the body’s synthesis of Serotonin"

May not be a do or die, but I have noticed a positive difference.

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